Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Adham Saloum, The Sexy Palestinian Musician

Haifa, the magical Palestinian city gave birth to many talents. The latest one of those is a young singer with the name Adham Saloum. The guy likes complicated love songs, his style feels rightfully cross between Syrian and Lebanese styles. The guy has a style worthy of a hipster and looks the part as he tries to pour his heart out.

This is a classical song that feels right for this young man to sing. I do think he has plenty to offer. However, he is a composer and a musician then a singer. He write music that feels good, but he has a Turkish influence in his compositions, yet his style is very Lebanese.

Samt El Matareh is his debut song, it's his baby as he wrote it, composed it and sang it....more and more we see real musicians getting to become stars.
Adham Saloum - Samt El Matareh / ادهم سلوم - صمت المطارح


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