Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zee Zee Adel The Under-Marketed Pop Golden Diva

Videos posted by Rotana Channel do not tend to do as well as those posted by other music production companies' channels. Not sure why this is....but when it comes to TV music network, Rotana does OK. Now, one of the new voices that was signed by Rotana years ago, is none other than Zee Zee Adel, the lady from Star Academy.

Rotana does not tend to hire new faces, they prefer seasoned and more established stars, but they tend to book few of them. Zee Zee and Huda Saad were among those few. Egyptian Zee Zee while very talented, she was like a flash. She shot to fame in 2008 and 2009, then it was over. I cannot tell you the last song she made. She has the looks of Shakira and Byonce all combined.

This might be due to the instability in the Arab world--namely Egypt and due to the sluggish music market. Zee Zee has not done anything major in four years--this is like eternity. She did release a song about how much she loves Egypt. She is a funky voice and her music videos show that...she also does warm songs, but I feel she has so much to give--after some training of course. I give you the best two songs and best two music videos she has made to date.

Zee Zee Adel Hob Mush Mahsoup Alia زيزى عادل - حب مش محسوب عليا

Zee Zee Adel Waad Alaya زيزى عادل - وعد عليا


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