Monday, March 31, 2014

Ahlam, The Most Interesting Woman In The Music Business

How come a talented singer with such a sweet voice, and larger than life talent make lame songs that feel like nothing. To me, this is Ahlam from the past ten years. She UAE gave birth to one songstress who is the diva of that she is a judge on Arab Idol, and she makes all the news by her flashy outfits, funny coordination and random comments.

Ahlam is fitly rich and she farts music is something fun she does--she is booked for private weddings where she is at home. She is also a family woman. Noe of the songs she has been releasing are exciting, but her voice has always bee good.....take for example the latest single from feels like hot mess.

Ahlam - Khadne Ala Gd Aqele ( Audio ) / أحلام - خذني على قد عقلي


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