Sunday, March 9, 2014

#SalimAssaf- Mesh Khayef- #سليم_عساف- مش خايف

Bless the mother that gave birth to Salim Assaf, the Lebanese composer, writer, and singer. He is back with a new single that feels all too real. Salim writes his heart out, he sings it with the same force, and the reality this guy is a smartest and most savvy composer working in Lebanon. More and more he is competing against the same artists he gave them his best work. But now it's competition and that creates bad blood.

Salim released the song, and I actually listened to it first in Lebanon at some radio while ridding in the car. The song is about reaching the limit' one cannot think no more or handle all the pain, so he lagush to stop from crying. It's a song about being hurt and being left alone, I have so many places of hurt, you won't find a place to hurt me in.

It's a darker song, and its fits the general climate in Lebanon at the moment. I love the music, it's pretty sophisticated for Salim Assaf. I love the oud, and the percussion, The guy sings like he is talking to a guy next to him, it's not a song for the masses, but rather an intimate setting. It's an upset song from a dude who has seen it and has decided not to care anymore.  

#SalimAssaf- Mesh Khayef- #سليم_عساف- مش خايف


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