Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Arab Mother Day! Songs You Can Skip

Cabbie driver if they were to sing, they would be something very similar to Egyptina oddball singer Essam Karika. Essam started as a clever musician and composer for Egyptian pop star, then someone told hi he should sing, he did. And he came with a look unheard of in the area, bright colors, and a headgear--always have one.

This time when he is not hosting lame talk shows, he just released a song for mothers across the globe. At what seems to be his home, he invited a number of young wannabe singers to perform a song at his home. Lots of interesting haircuts, makeup and colorful fashion. Essam even shoes images of himself editing the song, in the meantime, he plays the lute.

The song's title "Everything But not my mother...." it's where we draw the line....while I love my mom, I won't be sharing this song with her--Essam's ego did not allow him to share the names of these young singers. His name is all very the song that he does not even make noise in.

Kolo Ela El Om - Essam Karika ft El Magmo3a كله الا الام - عصام كاريكا


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