Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oussama Rahbani On Hiba Tawaji, Politics, Woman And #Lebanon

Oussama Rahbani is a Lebanese musician and composer. He is the son of the Lebanese composer, musician and poet Mansour Rahbani. He is an intellectual whose opinions carry a certain weight around Beirut and beyond. His latest is the mega album for the dazzling Hiba Tawaji. It's a huge production, and he took her under his wings. Off course she is a big talent, the songs are about classical love, women liberation (rights), and one song for the Arab Spring--cannot wait to hear it.

Oussama Rahbani is a guy who has lost faith in the Arab Spring and the mess one sees, he is a dreamer and sees the big picture. He is with change, but not the scary extremist and violent change. He is not telling people to bring the mold, I am hearing saying about no discrimination. I like the collaboration between him and Hiba, they seem to make a power duo.

He is also a big deal on Lebanese theater, he is a cultural force and he seems to have his favorite festival is in the gorgeous city of Byblos.

He composed for Zenobia, a musical play Mansour Rahbani followed by The Return of the Phoenix, performed at the Byblos International Festival, at Casino du Liban and in Dubai. In 2009, came the turn of a remake of the musical play Sayf 840 by Mansour Rahbani along with Ghadi and Marwan Rahbani performed at Byblos festival, and at Casino du Liban. In 2011, he produced, composed and orchestrated the album La Bidayi w la Nihayi featuring Hiba Tawaji

أسامة الرحباني: لبنان المنفذ الوحيد للتيارات الفكرية المتضاربة في الشرق الأوسط


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