Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Classy Diva Of Damascus: كوكتيل رائع من اجمل اغاني مياده الحناوي Cocktail songs Mayada El Hennawy

She is a Syrian Jewell who has stayed in Syria and has defended the choices the people of Syria make, she is a patriot and she is more than that. An iconic diva of romantic songs  for the past fifty years. She is the original classy lady of Damascus. She is Mayaday El Hennawy and everyone else who sing can never claim that stature. Her exotic yet very Syrian look helped her stand out at the get go, but her voice kept fueling her career.

Each time, one of her songs airs, I was being told an epic love story, I was hearing terrific music, and I was having fun. The song is about a man and a woman who are in love, and who sacrifice love for a higher purpose. This is immensely appealing, each of her songs is an emotional climax for the soul. This is why her songs are among the first things things Syrian immigrants would pack in their suitcases, she makes them feel home and spark the fondest of memories.

Her songs are ever fresh, such music she makes and makes available for the listeners is the kind one can grow up with and grow old with. Most of her songs are nothing short of out-of-the-body experience. This is the magic of Mayaday who appeals to men and women in different ways. This is her voice, passion, grace and class at work all at the same time. My list of other out-of-the-body classical songs is a short.

Here is a dozen of her finest and most memorable songs, short segemtns of those songs are included to give you a sampler of her true talent.
 كوكتيل رائع من اجمل اغاني مياده الحناوي Cocktail songs Mayada El Hennawy

مياده الحناوي » اغاني ذهبيات » انغام الحب » بدون توقف ♥♥ انا اعمل ايه ♥♥ انا باعشقك ♥♥ الحب اللي كان ♥♥ فاتت سنه ♥♥ نعمة النسيان ♥♥ مش عوايدك ♥♥ اول واخر حبيب ♥♥ ساعه زمن ♥♥ حبك ماينتهيش ♥♥ اشواق ♥♥ جبت قلب منين ♥♥ كان ياما كان ♥♥ اكتر من الحب ♥♥ اول ما شفتك حبيتك ♥♥ سيدي انا ♥♥ حبينا واتحبينا ♥♥


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