Monday, March 10, 2014

Winners Those Who Forgive By @MaherZain ماهر زين المتسامح رابح @AwakeningRec

Forgive, and you shall win this is the message by Maher Zain, the Muslim rock star who roams the world to do a face lift for Islam. We may disagree, but not hate, our humanity requires us to communicate. I love the song, it's always a good time to preach virtue.

We need to co-exist, and progress, I like these messages Maher Zain, but I think it's too late for that as we watch extremist groups in Syria butchering and torturing people in the name of Islam. I think the better message would have been, do not be sectarian, if someone makes sense, do not use their faith/sect/views against them.

This is how we lost, when we start attacking one another, and calling the other an infidel. I am sure that Maher is watching the same news reports I am watching in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. And yes in Egypt as well. The problem that no one is strong enough to come out with a compromise. It's always a zero-sum game, everything or nothing.

Maher Zain - Samih (Forgive) | حملة #المتسامح_رابح) ماهر زين - سامح)


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