Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ahmed Ezz Is The Father Of Zeina's Twins! The celebrity scandal

Everything I hear and read tell me Ahmed Ezz is the father of the twins, he is trying to deny, deny, deny and blame the media once, blame the mother of his children....and it's all not working. He is buying time and trying to win based on a technicality.....if you do not have an official marriage certificate, a DNA test cannot be ordered. I know he will be shown wrong when the DNA test is taken, I think he is also hoping to bribe his way out of that one and get some lab to say it's not his kids--welcome to Egypt

His combative and idiotic attorney has been making the rounds in the media and attacking Zina and implying she is a girl with no morals. We know that a friend of Ahmed Ezz came forward and shared private messages where this playboy has confessed to his relation with Zeina. Also we now know the courts in Egypt are questioning the two doctors whom he hired to abort the babies. We also know that Zina would only lose if she was laying--no woman would made shit like this up out of fear of public humiliation. She was strong enough to taken on these bullies and tell the world the truth....

I have no doubt that Ahmed Ezz is the father, he is so cheap, and so hot at the same time. His looks and his antics are the secret of his he just got millions for an upcoming show--he does not want to alienate some of his biggest fan base--the ladies. But he has now done so much damage to his brand with the airing of so much of his dirty laundry....he is married to more than women--Angham is on the list. He probably has taken money from some rich ladies who think they own him--so he has to deny this marriage. He knows the truth but he is hoping to fool us-I have yet to meet someone who is sympathetic to his cause.

Ahmed Ezz must be hiding away in the corner now after being publicly shamed by his nemesis - and supposedly secret wife - Zeina! The Egyptian actress was finally able to prove that Ezz really IS the father of her twins. The actor profusely denied her claims of fatherhood for the past few months, but has now no option but to step down from his high horse and take responsibility for his children. This guy is so stupid, he thought people would take his side? I don't believe a word coming out of his mouth.

Now Ahmed has refused to take the DNA test--an innocent man would step forward take the test and share the news with the world. But he thinks it's a crime to father twins, he miscalculated, it's a blessing and let's hope they will be able to forgive you as they grew older. Ezz, had a chance to make thinks right, but his arrogance and growing man in a male-dominated community he thought he could get away and the girl would shut up...Zeina took him to school and dragged him through the mud to get him to recognize his own blood.

Tell me if you disagree with me.....sure Zeina shares some of the blame but she is not the one who walked away from the twins--she fought for this and took a risk--but most talking heads came to her side. Zeina hand in there and know that many of us have placed their faith and hope that you won't do harm for the women movement.

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