Sunday, March 30, 2014

#MBCTheVoice Crowns Iraqi Singer Sattar Saad And Rick Martin Performs

The glorious city of Baghdad partied till the early hours of the morning when they saw their home boy Star Saad, the 20 year old son of Iraq be crowned on the Voice. As well as being entertained by the contestants, Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin who took the stage to perform his new songs “Adrenalina” and “Come With Me.”. The MBC produced show filmed in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Iraqi singer Sattar Saad was crowned winner of the “The Voice Arabia” on Saturday during an intense finale which drew millions of viewers across the Middle East.

The finalists - Syria’s Hala Qaseer, Egypt’s Waham, Iraq’s Saad and Simor Jala - belonged to teams headed by prominent Arab celebrity singers: Lebanon’s Asi al-Hilani, Egypt’s Shirin, Iraq’s Kadhem al-Saher and Tunisia’s Sabir al-Riabee, respectively.

Saad’s victory, which sparked celebrations in the streets of Baghdad, earned him a record contract with Universal Music Group. The wake-up call was when noe of the Iraqi TV networks reported the story with one exception. Mohammed Kareem, the presenter made the announcement and the party was on. What was cool that one of the main judges on the show and the mentor for the young star was Kadem Al Saher--an Iraqi himself.

One thing for sure, this was an Iraqi night...Flying the flag for Iraq, Sattar Saad won the Arab version of reality TV singing competition “The Voice”

#MBCTheVoice - "النصف نهائيات - ستار سعد "يا أمي

#MBCTheVoice - ستار سعد- أكد يللي


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