Saturday, March 29, 2014

Listen: Assala - Fahmoh / اصاله - فهموه

Gulfe music fans are excited these days, unemployment in the music industry sent their way many respectable names of the Arab world--they already got an album from Egyptian crooner Hany Shaker. One their proud moments was to get Assalah to sing for them, and she already released not one albums but two albums in their regional dialect.

She also does release many singles, she just did another song....where she is asking the do-gooders to reach out to him and explain how this love thing works and how much she loves him. It's not the kind of song that makes you want to throw up, the vocal performance of Assalah is always good, this time the music was a big help.

In other news, Assalha has been talking smack about her sister who recorded a pro-Assad song. Assalah hate the regime and what he has done to Syria--her words.

Assala - Fahmoh / اصاله - فهموه


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