Thursday, March 27, 2014

Leaked: The Very Last Romantic Song By Fadel Shaker "Nisetha" 2014

He may be a mad man, a wanted criminal in Lebanon, but the legend won't go away. Lebanese crooner Fadel Shaker has been singing for more than 15 years, non-stop romance that broke records and traveled worlds. Though in the last two years he stopped doing soft romantic songs, he retried from the music industry.

Then he joined a cult, started going to rallies, talking politics and defending the Syrian opposition, speaking trash on the Assad regime. that made him unpopular with some groups, since most do either support Assad or make no comments. Then Fadel started posing with guns, and he was rumored to be in a war with gangs and then he was surrounded in a mosque where a number of Lebanese troops were killed. Then a video surfaced of the romantic guy talking about two was unclear.

Aside from that he kept making songs with religious messages and with no music--Islamic style just percussions. But it seems the music industry wasn't done, a new song surfaced for him--it was never heard before and it's a beautiful track. An original song coming from a hit-maker that we thought has finished....A delightful song about the past the nostalgia. It's actually not a short song.

Lyricist Ahmed Mady is the talent behind the release of this song, this son was recorded a while back, and composed by Basim Yehia and arrangement by Bilal Zain. The song was first released via twitter. Ahmed seems to like Fadel and is asking to give him a chance, not to sentence him to capital punishment. In the post below, he says that these forces are even erasing the song every time I post it.

فضل شاكر - نسيتها | Fadel chaker - Nisetha 2014

Fadel Shaker Nesitha 2014 فضل شاكر نسيتها


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