Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On Arab Idol @MohammedAssaf89 New Single #Lebanon 3 Music Festivals

Palestinian Arab Idol and pop star Mohammed Assaf is currently in the Lebanese capital working on his new and debut album. Assaf is also working on a new single that seems to keep his Palestinian brand a live "Ya Halaly We Ya Maly" “يا حلالي يا مالي, it sounds like a party dance song. But the good news is in the writing. The lyrics will be for Nizar Frances--the popular golden lyricist.

The music is the works of Rowad Ra'ad, though I am sure it will be more folklore flavored. This song will be his second original second in the post Arab Idol season. In other good news, the charming and seasoned Lebanese composer Ziad Burji, a song that Ahmed Madi wrote. In all cases Platinum Records found a pop star who help them move records, and sell concert tickets while doing good.

Assaf has confirmed that this summer he will be taking part of the biggest music festivals, as he will be performing in Jarash Music Festival, Carthage Music Festival, as well as Mowazeen Music Festival in Morocco.

In other fronts, Assaf is the breath of fresh air the refugees in Lebanon needed, he is one of them and speaks with their voices in a place that has grown tired of their presence.

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