Friday, March 28, 2014

Talented Musician Salim Assaf, The Next Marwan Khoury!

In very short years, and in a quiet fashion, Lebanese composer Salim Assaf has transformed himself from a beloved and a popular composer among pop stars of Lebanon, into a first-rate singer and lyricists. He is a composer, lyricist and a far as I know he has yet to do a live concert, but he did do tons of interview and studio singing.

Today, we witness the release of a new music video from Salim Assaf whose words are so romantic and whose music is so he just added one more thing, a stylish and well-dressed bro! Now he may come across as a jaded lover, but it has always been his style

As a composer he had to have a good voice to play out the songs as he plays them for the interested artist. Now, he wants more, and you know he deserves more.....he is now an artist walking around the city of Paris with all these locks....he had one of his and there it in the river---he is fed up....and a man who has a million wounds. I like the rhythm of his songs, they are lively. And even the songs he composes and gives away fly high....

   .. Salim Assaf- سليم عساف- مش خايف- Video Clip.                  


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