Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eizza Almarzoug Is The Coolest Kuwaiti EVER! Here's Why....

Eissa Almarzoug walked out of Star Academy, a better artist than he was, he was certainly a bigger name. Luckily for us, his latest single came with the music of Fayez Al Said, so we know it will be cool.

Eissa is a Kuwaiti artist who like to record and release upbeat tracks. I know there are many young artists in the Gulf area, Eissa excited me the most among all the new breeds. He is super cool, and he looks the part--which the hardest thing to do for most Gulf musicians. He is a singer for the fun of it, not planning a career in it so far. He also plays the lute--oud.

 His voice is like a perfume that goes all over the room once spritz. I like the dance melody, and how he feels about his loved one--she is like my oxygen.

عيسى المرزوق اوكسجيني 2014


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