Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Aging Rock Star Die Hard, Exhibit A Medhat Saleh اغنية مدحت صالح - كلاكيت

Medhat Saleh is like an aging rock star who keeps getting gigs here and there since he he is good, second he is still relevant. This time, Medhat Saleh got a song for an upcoming movie, the song is about life and the wisdom pop songs offer in such songs.

I like Medhat Saleh who seems to have gotten philosophical lately, the song is called Deja Vu, or once again, a song about how things keep getting messed up for the person. You can never go wrong with these songs in Egypt, everyone blames his woes on life not on the choices they made.

This song is about the salt of the earth, an average person who wants nothing but to live. The beast is nothing earth-breaking, but the lyrics are fine. This is a teary song, if you relate to it, you will get into it and mess yourself in the head. Solution, get out there and try again, feeling helpless won't change a thing.

 اغنية مدحت صالح - كلاكيت | من فيلم سعيد كلاكيت | 2014


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