Monday, March 24, 2014

Listen: Hareth Munir - Sebtny w Msheet .. حارث منير - سبتني ومشيت

I have found a guy who makes it fun to listen to pop music once again. Yes, he gets your heart to race as you, he is a boy band all by himself. I know he can be irresistible. He comes from the land of a thousand really good yet under-represented pop star, Egypt and he means business. He has a rare name of Hareth Munir, and he is here to play.

Just look at the cover page for his single. About him he fails from Der Alzour - Syria--so close to Iraq. However Harith’s talent was not discovered at that stage, it all goes back to his childhood and his family from his Mother side because all of them studied music.

As he used to sing for his school’s & University's anniversaries & celebrations. Harith the child had a great ability to listen to any type of music and play it on a number of instruments Piano, Guitar and especially Oud. You kind of can never tell if he is Egyptian or Syrian. He puts on a convincing Egyptian dialect. I will call it his breakout dance and it's fun choice. Listen to him or take him on the go...he is worth the 4 minutes. You may get hooked.

Hareth Munir - Sebtny w Msheet .. حارث منير - سبتني ومشيت


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