Saturday, March 29, 2014

"The Most Dangerous Gal In Egypt" By Mostafa Ebrahim

Mostafa Ebrahim has a very good voice, and I am a fan, what is a let down in his new single (perhaps debut track) is the music. It sounds cheap and the production and mastering are weak. The only bright spot is the dancy drum beat in the middle.

I like the title of the song, the most dangerous gal in Egypt is about one hell of a women who is pretty attractive, and makes guys want to look, makes them question what the guy next to her has to offer her. The song is about girl who seduces men without breaking any codes or laws, a love song of sort and Ebrahim did well, it's enough for him to see the song posed in a number of file sharing sites in Egypt. Plus, I dig his look it reminds me of that Koran pop star from last year.

مصطفى ابراهيم - اخطر بنت فى مصر | Mostafa Ebrahim - A5tr Bnt Fe Masr