Friday, March 7, 2014

Assi Hallani Nadine Rassi Are The Sun And The Moon عاصي الحلاني ونادين الراسي شمس وقمر

Music theater in Beirut is making a comeback. A play about unity among people and working without the elite running their country.  Assi Hallani is Qamar--a guy who revolts against the dictator. Shams is his lady friend who buys into his idealism. There are ten songs in the play and they seem to have a high level of energy.

I am reading that the script is missing, and the focus is not on the dialogue but the music as one is attending a concert. Plus the plot seems a little tired and presents little fresh ideas.  

I do not know much about music theater, but I have seen few shows, I think they burn through money very quickly, good writing helps, but art direction is where the money should be. A star is not important, there are so many unknown artists who came to be famous after playing a role live theater. The dazzle element need to be there, the production cannot go cheap, there has to be props, lights and sound equipment that work. This is why the play is now at the Casino Lebanon stage.

Assi seems to want to answer his critics, "I still got it", dancing on stage, singing, acting and looking good. The only weak point I see, is that Assi is the main attraction while the lead female is a delight to watch, Assi seems to hog the time and reduce Nadine into a supporting role. To his credit he has few years on her as a showman and an entertainer -this is his turf. The opening night had to much attention from the press, the politicians, and the industry.

يا أهل الزمن - الفارس عاصي الحلاني ونادين الراسي

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