Saturday, March 29, 2014

Winner The Voice 2014 Star Saad #MBCTheVoice

Iraqis had 50 percent chance of winning the title of The Voice, and they did...Star Saad, took home the trophy and it brought some joy in the lives of many in Iraq and outside. He also was under the banner of Iraqi coach and judge Kadem Al Saher. The 20 year old charismatic singer, he is certainly the youngest on board and compared with other shows he is still very young.

Star is a decoration guy who worked in the family business, but he found his heart in the music biz, and now he gets to have his moment under the sun. The stage was a mess, and it felt like the fireworks were missing, but the guy who so happy and had his country's flag. One thing, the guy who won the title before him has yet to breakout.

Star has a manly voice, that excels in singing the blues... he also sings for Iraq and his voice makes tears cheap when he does the mawal, you cannot go wrong.

 Winer The Voiec 2014 Star Saad لحظة فوز ستار سعد من العراق فى برنامج ذا فويس واغنية الفوز the voice Staar Saad فوز ستار سعد فى الموسم الثاني من برنامج ذا فويس

#MBCTheVoice- الحلقات المباشرة - ستار سعد "موال صدق مخطوبة يفلانة -- على المحبوب ودوني"‎ ‎ ‎

#MBCTheVoice - ستار سعد- طيارة

#MBCTheVoice 2014 Star Saad ذا فويس ستار سعد موال امل منك