Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mubarak Minion Amr Mostafa Releases A New Song For The Former Dictator

Too much time, a hero of peace and war, too long of a history, he kept the integrity f the land and refused to leave Egypt. Sorry, did Morsi run a way? No, he did not even have a chance to go to the bathroom, they just threw him in abducted him and placed him in jail--no one knows what his crime.

Amr Mostafa is a smart musician, but an idiot as a human being. He might be upset with the people who change colors, and dance for any leader that rules them. Just look at those who danced for Sisi, now they made him into a god, a cult of worship. This is the problem, we do not see these people as human brings, we think of them as Gods--blame the media for much of that.

I do not know why Amr keeps on beating a dead horse? Aside from that he has not done any good songs since 2011, and his peers do not like his combative style. Mubarak is a free man, and history will judge him, but talking about how great he was is Amr's right, but he cannot pretend that the man did not do many wrongs

اغنية عمرو مصطفى عشان بطل - اهداء لحسنى مبارك

حصريا اغنيه عمرو مصطفي وعشان بطل إهداء للرئيس مبارك


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