Thursday, March 27, 2014

Najwa Karam Is Number 1; I Like Elissa; Nancy is Nice; Haifa is Strong!

I like when celebrities give their nice opinions about their peers. Elaph caught up with Dominique Horani whose face seems frozen most of the time.....I like how she talks about her albums....Hers do not seem to sell much really, but she does not she does not seem to get a lot of big concerts....but that does not stop her from being a celebrities and a divorcee who has a tough spirit.

Dominique is not writing songs, and talks about her own touches on each of the songs. She talked about how people fought her when she started singing. She does not mind if her daughter gets into the business but she will be right next to her.....

She did a lot of sexy music videos where she was dressed close to nothing, but she kind of mellowed down. C'mon get to the opinion piece about Elissa, Nancy, Najwa, and Haifa.Dominique seems to really like Najwa Karam....she is a big fan of her strong personality. Not a big fan of Elissa, or Haifa it seems.....Nancy is a nice lady and Dominique approves.

دومينيك حوراني: نجوى كرم الأولى، بحبّ إليسا، نانسي طيّوبة وهيفا كتير قويّة


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