Thursday, March 20, 2014

@NancyAjram and @BouEidJoe Put on A Sex Show For Arab Kids (Video) #Watermelon

I like the new Nancy look, I like that the director's camera focuses on her butt, boobs! I also like to see one of the cutest pops songstress of our generations moves around like a cheap hooker. I also enjoyed how she tries to sex up her customers, watermelon and that police officer. Of course, I would have to be a pervert for these statements to be true.

She is no longer Nancy Ajram, this is the work of someone like Haifa Wehbe, and Merriam Faris! Nancy has two little girls, yet that does not stop her form filming this raunchy music video. Lebanese director who made a movie where people have sex inside a church, directed this music video. So this is not his only sin in productions that are not suitable for children. I am certain Nancy Ajram's own kids are proud of their sexy mommy. This music video is funny--in the bad sense. All of it is surreal and Nancy seems to be trying too hard. Even the signs are sexually suggestive and it feels like soft core porno.  

Joe Bou Eid got paid, he made what he does best, a fusion of bright colors--he seems to like red, and sexy babes. This was one challenge for him, this is his craft and this is what he delivered. When he did it in the past it was either classy or in a movie theater---this time he takes a grownup universe and makes it accessible to little kids at home.

It's not entirely their fault, the audience share some of the blame here. I really could not watch this music video twice. Nancy is feeling intimidated or threatened so she turned up the heat and got her the sexy version out. This is a Lebanese over-sexed music video shot to please Egyptian men. Question, would Nancy let her two beautiful daughters watch this music video?

 فيديو كليب نانسي عجرم - ما تيجي هنا 2014 Nancy Ajram


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