Friday, March 21, 2014

WATCH: Mohamed Fouad - Yamma (Video) / محمد فؤاد - ياما

A comeback just took place in Egypt, the star of Mohamed Foud is brighter than ever. The man who lost his own mother not too long ago, is back with a song dedicated to them mothers. And he is pouring his heart out. This new song of his blends romance with family.

He wants to marry someone who among many things, respects his mother, and the kinder she is to his mother, the crazier about her he will be. Fouad is really one of the reasons Egypt is attractive. Foaud was a has been just few weeks ago, and now he is a top tier star once more.  
Mohamed Fouad - Yamma (Video) / محمد فؤاد - ياما


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