Tuesday, February 18, 2014

All The Weird People In This Valentine Day Concerts #Lebanon

I do not know about you, but I sort of Miss Nawal Al Zoghby and her songs. The lady of pop and charisma has not released a new song in a very long time, but it seems she was booked for a valentine concert in downtown Beirut. The good news, she is talking about her album who is in progress.

She seems to have the finest names in Arabic pop, Salim Salamah, Samier Sfier, Waleed Shamy and Rami Sabri--who seems to have given Nawal a find Egyptian song. Good luck.....Then Bassem Faghali the drag queen also gave an interview.....this guy is a big deal and has always shocked people with his antics, outfits and impersonations.

Then comes Anwar Nour, the rising pop star who moonlights as a heartbreaker.

إيلاف تلتقي نوال الزغبي وباسم فغالي وأنور نور في عيد الحبّ


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