Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rola Sad "Crazy" For Her New Iraqi Dialect Song! اغنية رولا سعد - مجنونة

Crazy or Majnoonua is the title of her new song, a song the Lebanese B list songstress recorded in the now popular Iraqi dialect. There's a unique style for the Iraqi song and impostors are unwelcome. Rola wanted to do something different as she believes art has no borders.

Rola will film a music video for the song, and she is now prepping for a concert in the Iraqi town of Erbil on May third. The team behind the song is all Iraqi and Rola is hoping the song will bring attention to her success and popularity. Rola has yet to peak and it seems she has not done well in the past three years, it's too bad because she is talented but marketing and bad press may be to blame.

This is a throwaway song that Iraqi fans of Rola would find of interest  but I do not think the appeal goes beyond that demographic. Too much noise, and little magic.

Rola Saad - Majnouna 2013 / رولا سعد - مجنونة


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