Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WATCH: #Palestine Mobile Company AMAZING Commercial #Jawwal

They used to be the only cellphone company in Palestine, but they are part of the culture and the landscape. Jawal is their name, and since they are bout Palestine, they made a new commercial that shows all the young pop stars from that land--all these names made their name on singeing competitions from Super Star to Star academy, ending with Arabs Got Talent finalist painting with fire and graffiti artist.

the style of the commercial is pretty dazzling, they hired five talents and they starred in this promotional marketing campaign that talks about family and land. They booked Lian Bazlmit, Ammar Hassan, Haitham Shomali, Mohannad Khalaf and Murad Suiaty. this was a treat for their respective fans and a home run for the company who copied a Western model to tell a Palestinian story by local artists. The song is about being away and home at once, sort of what mobile companies enable you to do.

I do thing, the two artists to give their finest were Haitham and Ammar, they got the most airtime, it's terrible than the might Lian was unable to shine this time around. But seriously the two dudes have incredible voices and the lines they sang served them well.

This is creative marketing, and allows all these young talents to get exposure and a home brand--they also got paychecks and perhaps free phone lines.

 ليان بزلميط وعمار حسن وهيثم الشوملي ومهند خلف ومراد سويطي

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  1. This was a great video!! We loved it and with all respect to the other singers, Haitham Shomali was truly the star!! Best wishes to all!!