Friday, February 7, 2014

Mohammed Assaf Finds Himself In Trouble For Posing With An Israeli Model

The beloved Arab Idol and Palestinian rock star found himself in an awkward position. It appears an Israeli model ran into him or came to his residence, and posed with him in a picture. Mohammad Assaf now explains how this went down...

"My place of residence is loaded with fans who approach me for pictures.....the picture was taken by whom I took to be fans, and I was unaware of the lady in the picture is an Israeli, if she she then I apologize to my people for this unintended error....due to the large number of visitors, I am unable to distinguish who is who. I am the son of the refugee camp that for long has suffered under the occupation, I shall always sing to the homeland and the Palestinian legacy"

He has also attacked those who viciously attack him without knowing the facts.

Give the guy a break, I take him for his words. But there are those who say this lady is not even Israeli so all this outrage is Ludacris. Seriously, you want him to start asking people if they are Israelis? Maybe he can do a checkpoint? No this is what they do....not us

Ever since he won the title, and Assaf has not had a good night sleep, but to his credit this Palestinian Singer ,Arab Idol 2013  and Goodwill ambassador for peace by UNRWA has always look his finest. So Rock on Mr. Goodwill Ambassador of Palestinian Youth for Cultural Affairs.

In other news, Assaf just sang at a mega concert in honor of a group wedding where about 600 bride and groom got married in the West Bank...Assaf sang for them and made their dreams come true.

العرس الفلسطيني الجماعي الوطني الاول في اريحا - مقطع محمد عساف النسخة الأصلية والكاملة


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