Friday, February 7, 2014

Aline Lahoud's Homage Song To Her Mother (Salwa Qattrib) الين لحود - بكّير تركتيني

Aline Lahoud, she is a songstress but before she established her name as a contender, she was the daughter of one of Lebanon's finest diva's Salwa Qatrib. So for that, every mother's day Aline comes to the stage and mentions his late mother and how much she misses her.

Aline makes different music and she was never afraid of trying new looks and styles. She has a new song where she makes the statement--Salwa you left too soon. The song is a poem written by a Lebanese poem two years ago. When the music was ready, the song was released with  some pictures of little Aline and her late mother.

The good news, the world loves Salwa and her heartfelt songs, and they are ready for anything to bring them closer to her. Aline songs helps some people make that connection. Watch the interview with Aline, talking about the song and how touched she was. Also you get to hear a little bit of the song--Aline does wonders delivering a beautiful song like nothing she has done in the past.

ألين لحود: اشتقتلكِ سلوى.. بكير تركتيني

Aline Lahoud - Bakkir Traktini /الين لحود - بكّير تركتيني


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