Friday, July 8, 2011

Fairouz in The Amsterdam Experience

In October 2010, she had two sold out comeback concerts in Lebanon where the tickets were sold and in minutes once they were made available. Her album is top of the charts and still the biggest album sold till this moment. An album Arabs buy in their country and in their homes away form home. Millions sold becasue this is a collectible item, not just a CD you can download.

Then this year she had a concert in Amsterdam, tickets were sold in under an hour. Arabs living all over Europe snagged the tickets as well as those wealthy Arab tourists traveled to Amsterdam to see this concert of a lifetime. But non Arabs were also in the front row, enjoying the music and raveling the mysteries of this diva and her charming music. Her live orchestra makes the show worth it, all her band had to travel along with her and give their best.

now we have a report on that concert where Fairouz performed, she has the affection and the respect of the fans. some she has gotten old, but you know what her music seems to never lose its magic and the lady still can sing and bring it all back to where it started in the 60s baby.

Fairouz in Amsterdam 2011 - Rotana Report


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