Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Good to Be in the Mai Selim Business

You know an Arab star is pregnant when they record the music of their album, make tons of media appearances, and book as many concerts as they can. That's the story of Mai Selim, the Jordanian singer turned actress. Mai has a great energy and unlike many Arab ladies of pop she seems like a real person. She does not strike me as a fake.

She has officially taken a break from her career to take care of her body and her soon to be baby. But that does not stop her channel from releasing older footage of hers. Mai has also appeared on Star Academy and performed with the students. She will also be sen this Ramadan on TV as an actress.

She is a mellow romantic song, a very apologetic tone. Just check out how much the ladies in the studio look impressed. This is an Elissa territory for sure, but Mai is not on a stranger's land.

Mai Selim - Fehemtk Ghalat / مى سليم - فهمتك غلط


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