Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Waad Al Bahiry From Syria To Arabia

When producers decided to make a movie about the Syrian diva Asmahan, they wanted a voice that can be compared to this women of great voice, class and mystery. Luckily for those producers, they found this voice in Waad El Bihiri. She was given the title "Asmahan Al Jeel" in reference to the generation. Waad did not appear in the movie, only her voice. The actress that played Asmahan is none other than Sulaf Fawakhrjy-- a suck up to the Syrian regime.

Many of those who followed the show, thought they were hearing the voice of Asmahan and not Waad.

Waad took part of the Star Academy season 2 in 2004 and was a finalist on the show, she started singing when she was at the tender age of four. She is a Syrian who lives in the United Arab Emirates with her family. She has took part of concerts in many venues, including in Egypt, Libya and Morocco.

She has collaborated with the house of Rahbany on a project. And she has songs in Egyptian and Gulf dialects. Last song of hers was a duet with Egyptian composer turned singer Mohammad Dia

وعد البحري - تأدي ثلاثيه في غاية الروعه


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