Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rapper Ramy Donjewan Has Some Serious Backbone

Rappers are awesome when they get angry about something that we care about. They seem to be equiped to channel the anger better than anyone else. So when your name is Ramy Donjewan and you are an Egyptian rapper, it makes sense for you to be upset as the demands of the revolution has yet to be met.

So Ramy took his plight with the big man in charge, the man running the military council ruling Egypt since the day Mubarak was kicked out. Al Moshir Tantawi he is the one calling the shots in Egypt. So to address the general with a song that carries his name is something bold.

But Ramy has shown this kind of rap muscles before, with his rap anti-government rap that stirred the pot. I really love this song because it takes those rightful demands and address the general and telling him we won't go away or back down--fix it! I am serious Egypt has some serious freedom of speech.

Ramy Donjewan - tantawy - demo 2011 - طنطاوي ديمو


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