Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Best of" Kadim Al Saher CD

If you want to make one CD that has all the great songs of Iraqi singer/composer Kadim Al Saher, you really cannot. In the span of his 20 years career of A list entertainment, it's unfair to pick favorites. I am sure he cannot pick ones. He may think some were popular than others, but that's just about it.

they have tried to make such CDs ever since he became a household name in the early 90s. and now we are in the 2011, and we cannot get a fair idea about the sort of things that make his songs great. However, for everyone else there are those CD.

I run into this album CD that features some of his earliest songs, non of the new ones. Those songs were made in the 90s and early 2000, but nothing after 2003. So the time this CD was made Kadim Al saher was still cranking up the latest tracks of his. Up till 2009, when he had what I call the flawless album, he was still the number one selling artists in any given Arabic country. This year he had an Iraqi and Gulf album that I found to have at least three decent songs.


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