Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anti-Plastic Surgery Gay Arabic Song

Lebanese singer Mohammad Iskander does not like the easy way out of his trouble. Two summer ago he had a hit song telling women to be pampered and not bother with work where they might be harassed, and if that happens Iskander will have to beat the boss up for his doings.

Needless to say many people in the Arab world especially in Lebanon protested the song--mostly women of course. B list singer Mai Mater responded with a song of her own attacking the singer and the song. Iskander didn't cave in and filmed a music video for the song with a story where he is a father and telling those words to his daughter.

But then comes this year and another hit song from Mohammad Iskander hits the airwaves, a song about how he does not like plastic surgeries and how a lot of women just like to do those surgeries for fun--this is true, Lebanon is big on that. A very song coming from the heart that no one objected to. Even those feminists had nothing to say becasue the song was passionate and focused on women loving themse,lves for who they are not for how they look.

some take issues with Iskander being an older man who always appear in music videos with models who are half his age. Some even talk about his attempt to look hip and much younger. I do not know what those haters have to direct much negative energy toward this quite fun Lebanese singer.

This is a humorous video of his that has a very uplifting message. Toward the end there is a live concert, but right before that there are two possible gay dudes one of whom fancies himself doing a plastic surgery to look like a drag queen.

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