Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Iraqi Singer Sings a Libyan Song

Iraq is the home of many great Arab singers, one of those is Majid Almohandis who sings and composes some fine melodies. Majid sings in in Iraqi and the Gulf dialect, he has also mastered the Egyptian and Lebanese styles of singing. But for some of reason, he had performed a Libyan song in a very Libyan setting.

While Libyan singers are not mainstream entertainers in Arabia, there is some great musical tradition in that country. Most Arab singers have performed in Libya becasue the regime back then used festivals and music as a tool to tell the people that their country is important. After all, what makes a great country is Nancy Ajram and Kathem Al Saher does not visit?

While I can tell that Majid might not look to upbeat in this performance, he might be intimidated by the whole setting. I have tremendous respect fro his willingness to go there and entertain.

لمه الجلسه الليبيه ماجد المهندس


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