Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rola Saad A Lebanese Disney Princess

In this song Rola Saad, the Lebanese pop singer wants to dance so badly she would ask anyone to make her dance. While she might have missed out on the role of Sabah that went to Carole Samah no one says she cannot sing her songs. After all the golden diva of Lebanon did two songs with her, no one else can claim that honor.

This cool music video is one of those where reality connects with animation in a fairytale with colors and pizazz. It's actually a cool music video that will set well with both the children and the grownups. While this is a remake, I am glad to see an upbeat version that fits in today's age.

What I do not like is the over top sexy side of Rola that she reveals her, that alone is fine had this video not been marketed to children as well.

Rolla Sa3d 2011 Ra2esny Dakhlak رولا سعد - رقصنى دخلك


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