Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Arab Ladies Go Crazy For Carole Samaha

This is not a proud moment for Carole, the woman with one of the strongest vocals out there, settles for some TV show to sing, but she did not sing she made a fashion show and a it of dance like movement. Not sure where has Carole been hiding lately, but she is due for a comeback.

That does not take away anything from her, being the voice of many women, she has those songs that only a woman understand, the songs that few men can relate to, but Carole does this kind of songs that speak to women on a deeper level than men. Still men like those songs, they are catchy. The message women get from most songs for Carole is to be proud of themselves.
Carole Samaha - 3ala Sawtak / كارول سماحة - على صوتك


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