Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Abu El Leef Egypt's Oddest Singer

Egypt's closets thing to modern day cave man is the odd character singer Abu El Leef who makes popular songs that tend to make no sense to no one by the fans. Abu El Leef made is huge last summer and was the best selling artist in Egypt and many corners of the Arab world.

He was called the savior of Arabic CD sales, and then the revolution happened and he was dismissed as his songs have no soul. They are just pure fun in an odd way songs. But Abu El Leef sells big, so he won't be easy to write off. Fresh of his new single song about a bullet that is still in his pocket.

The song sort of strange a bit as it talks about the revolution a bit and the abuses of the past, but it makes no endorsement. He keeps making light pop songs about topics the youth relate too, and he does so in the style of the Canadian odd singer Weird Al Yankovic. Abu El Leef enjoys a great deal of fame and fortune now.
‫اغنية ابو الليف - الرصاصة لا تزال فى جيبى


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