Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Best Arabic Father-Daughter Duet

The honor for the best father-daughter Arabic Duet goes to Angham and her late father. While they have sang together since the late 80s in 1987 when she made her debut, and they had seen a great relationship on both the professional and personal level.

But toward the end of her father's life, they did not have the best relationship. While her father has sang the song with her in more than one concert, later he would just play the lute next to his daughter. This is a romantic song about that pure unassuming love.

The father daughter team has given us some great moments in Arabic music, this one is the crown of this collaboration.

Angham was much closer to her mother growing up and felt a distant with her father.
Per wikipedia:

Angham sang "elGennah Taht Akdamek" (Paradise Is Under Your Feet) as a dedication to the mothers who were present during the concert. Despite winning the contest, Angham recalls how her father was not pleased with her performance and that his negative attitude was the major force that propelled her in a battle between her talents and her inner self to come up with better songs.

On "Maa Hobby" (With Love) talk show in 2005, host Joumana Bou Eid asked Angham how she felt toward her dad after eight years of collaboration in making records. Angham replied "that she owe him many things and that she is lucky he is her father and an important figure in the music industry at the same time". The publicity of Angham's separation from her father whether on a personal or artistic level stabilized Angham's independent entrance into the industry of music

انغام - يا طيب

انغام ديوتو مع والدها - ياطيب جزء2


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