Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rotana And Sony 2012 "IMIX" Volume 1 Album Sucks

Rotana has just curated an album with both Arabic and English tracks, the Arabic part sees Elissa, Amr Diab and Majid Al Mohnadis, Faris Karam, Rabeh on the American side, they have picked J Lo, Chris Brown, Pitbul, and Usher. There are other singers too.

I do not know what promoted this mix of Arabic and English pop, but something tell ms this is an effort put forth by Rotana to be relevant. A whopping 18 tracks of songs to meet all your dance needs. Some of those tracks do not really belong there, what's with Rabeh, a good singer but not a dance track.

The album is one of the first collaboration between Rotana and Sony who owns the rights for those American songs, you will hear. Who buys this stuff anyway  I am started to hate mixed tapes and random music glued together to make a buck in exchange for little entertainment.

Ayman Zbib - Bahebak Wallah


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