Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Old Saber El Robae'i Had It Going On, What Now?

Remind me of one great song that Saber El Robae'i has made in the last three year? Chances are, you won;t be able to. This Tunisian singer who had a great 2000 is working his way back into the music business. He does not hold as many concerts--or maybe we do not read about them. He has been in Beirut for years now where his work is based. His latest album tanked.

He remains with Saudi production company Rotana--where non Gulf native singers go to die and be ignored.    His career is far form over, but I do not see him making any music or talking about his latest. Saber has a warm voice and a romantic style that makes many people believe. He has a good name in the industry. But such good will does not last long if he does not give us anything new to celebrate.

I know he did a good song for Tunisia more than a year ago, celebrating the new change at his home. I think, he needs to comeback with a funky Tunisian song that reminds us all of all his great moments like in Sidi Mansour , romance has too many singer at the moment, but not enough cool singers with a good voice are doing Tunisian flavored song.

Saber El Robae'i - At7ada El Aalam - صابر الرباعي - أتحدي العالم


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