Tuesday, October 23, 2012

كليب تامر حسنى - حبيبى يا رسول الله Video: Tamer Hosny Habibi "Ya Rasoul Allah"

Tamer Hosny has found God and he is adding subtitle to ths Arabic song of his so that you can find him too. a song for Prophet Muhammad is at the right time for Tamer Hosny. Religious songs are a huge deal right now, and they help make a local star into a global one, thus, comes the English subtitle

Tamer Hosny is dressed in all white, and have dozens of young children with him in the music video. The chorus has a diverse singers from Africa, and Europe too. I love how well layered this song thanks to Nasr Mahrous's golden touch. Nasr, a Christian who wrote the lyrics to communicate a message about the Christians of Egypt. Tamer Hosny was in charge of the music in addition to the singing part.

The good news, this is a great comeback for Tamer, I believe this song will make amends with his fans. No one can be mad at him no more  he does look cool here, but the ladies and his old cheesy pickup lines are not back with him. I love the set which is an old castle in Egypt.  

كليب حبيبي يا رسول الله تامر حسني Habibi ya Rasoul Allah Music video


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