Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fares Karam and Melhem Zein Party In Dubai

Two Lebanese dudes walk into a concert hall in Dubai, thousands have fun as a result. Neither of them found in in his heart to sing in Beirut, a city that is mourning in the wake of the explosive bomb placed in a car. So they went to Dubai where the party is always on.

Faris Karam is the modern day father of Lebanese dance song, Melhem does that and ads a bit if soul into his act. They two stars shard the stage and entertained their fans who came in droves. Faris Karam is making his first appearance after his health scare. Melhem is making a big bash out of his latest album that was released six months ago.

The show must go on, and from the looks of it this was a concert where Lebanese and local folks form the jewel of Arab cities got together to celebrate the Eid.

فارس وملحم يتبادلان الأحضان ورابح وماجد يشعلان المسرح