Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mc Dahab Sheds A Light On Gaza "Land Of Fire"

The young and often angry Egyptian rapper chose to turn his powerful rap to a different land. A land so close to Egypt yet so far, Gaza. Dahab has rapped about Syria and the revolution there, the resistance loved and cheered him on. Now he is gunning for Gaza where underground rap has been taken off and has been featured on many news reports as well as films.

Under a brutal Israeli siege, limited local resources, tied Egyptian hands and world wide indifference, Gaza is dismissed to the sidelines. A land where Israel murders anyone they deem unfit for this life. And yes, the local government has its missteps as well. But at least to the talented rapper, Gaza is not just a statistics.

The rap opens up with a news segment, then comes in the rapper swinging with force rapping like a Gazan would know. Palestinians at large suffer, Gaza is no different. Mc Dahab takes his anger and frustration on the silent Zionests who are witnessing all those atrocities without speaking up.

While, I think the music could have been a bit more forceful, politics can often divide people, but human rights should not be a subject for political gains.

Mc Dahab ارض النار - Land Of Fire (English Subtitles)


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