Thursday, October 25, 2012

Composer Khaled Hammad Taking Soundtracks Seriously

Khaled Hammad loves watching movies, but his true talent is in music. So he does the best of two worlds, he writes music for Egyptian movies. This Eid movie season, he made the soundtracks of at least two popular movies. One a blockbuster comedy and another drama with some serious plot. Like every music who has composed music for films, they have to express emotions, conflict, fear and humor through their musical notes.

How does he mange to do that? Ask him, he seems to be able to transition from one mood into another with ease and perfection. He has been making music for TV dramas as well. He has built himself a fan base as you might tell form his Facebook page. He sits in a studio room to watch any given film and composes his music with his live orchestra as he goes.

I like when young people like Khaled work to make Arabic movies better. Soundtracks for films is a neglected industry. They almost chose a pop song for any given movie, and neglect that music adds another dimension to the film. Music can communicate something about the film, the camera could not. One can tell emotion through music. I am happy to see someone as talented as Khaled compose music for such films.

I wish more producers who add soundtracks to their films, it gives us fresh flavor and not one of those canned ones filmmakers have been using for decades.

موسيقى فيلم الآنسة مامي - مقطوعة رقم ١

موسيقى فيلم الآنسة مامي - مقطوعة رقم ٢


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