Friday, October 26, 2012

Rock Star Amr Moustafa Wishes Mubarak, A Happy Eid

He might be insane, he may be an idiot and he could be a political clown, but he is talented contemporary composer. Amr Moustafa thinks the world of former dictator Hosny Mubarak. He really likes his dictators and he is loyal to them. You know, he can have his opinions. He is free to love the man who most find nothing good about him to like.

But this Eid, Amr Moustafa on his face he wished the pharaoh of Egypt a happy Eid! Amr Moustafa has never shied away from the former president, he made him songs before and after he has left the government. Amr Moustafa did oppose the revolution and I feel he is using Mubarak as a card to cover up for his attacks on the protesters.

I think most people would get along if they did not talk politics or religion.  If Mubarak was a gift to Egypt, then history will tell us that. For all its worth, Happy Eid for all of you out there.

Amr Mostafa - Medly 2 [El-Daif Daifak - Interview] With Joumana Mourad


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