Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Video: The Pasha's Son حسن الرسام ابن الباشا 2012 النسخه الاصليه

The hottest pop singer in Iraq is none other than the hard working man Hassan Al Rasam, an Arab looking singer who chooses his models to be non-Arab looking. But this song of his is pretty cool. I like the dude and I like his style, I just do not see what they have to make it like porn. Cheap sex sells, but it sort of it does not matter anymore as people have been shocked enough times already.

His song is about a guy who has to have it his way every time, he is the song of riches, but in the music video we do not see sings of that, just a lot of ladies dancing around. This is an indoors filming, hardly shows a serious budget. This is a really good songs that shows the upside of doing Iraqi pop in places like Dubai

I am a fan of Hassan's and I appreciate his smile and his originality his sense of of fashion is hard to miss, but he is in the business because he can make catchy pop songs. In that sense he delivers, the music video does something, but fresh it is not.

 حسن الرسام ابن الباشا 2012 النسخه الاصليه


  1. Isn't this Hassan al-Rassam? Hassan al-Asmar was Egyptian.

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