Friday, October 26, 2012

Pictures: Ramy Ayach Finance Dalia Said

Pop star Ramy Ayach is settling down with a young woman, they have both gotten engaged in a small and private event. The young woman has accompanied the pop star to an even tin Beirut and no one guessed she would be the one Ramy Ayach gets engaged to. Well congratulation Mr. Fresh Lebanese pop and slick style

Dalia Said is her name, this is happy news for those who also happen to like their loved ones to be blonde. Ramy is keeping the news private this time around as his first engagement has failed, some blame superstition. I hope this time it works out, Ramy is good guy whose heart beats Lebanon.

Ramy Ayach - Efrah Fiki / رامي عياش - إفرح فيكي


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