Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good Music From Jerusalem By Turab Basel Zayed

Basel Zayed is a Palestinian native to the holly land of Jerusalem, a land known for many things, music is not one of them. The young musician and vocalist found out our his true gift at his young age of 12. He took part of  number of local events. But then two years later he was studying the piano.

Then he began his career as a composer and singer in a number of local bands, among them "Sanabel” at Bir Zeit University, and the First Ramallah Group of Music. He, with the help of many other musicians, formed “Yalalan” for Arabic music and finally “Turab” musical group. “Turab” (“soil” in Arabic) is a group of young musicians from a variety of different backgrounds who share a passion for contemporary alternative music. The group plays Zayed’s original compositions.

I was dazzled by one of the tracks  Love Me, the guy knows how to make a good song. The moment I heard his voice, I said to myself, this guy ought to be Palestinian and then I was right. It's a good song where it reminded me of on song by Katehm Al Saher "Ahbyny Bila Oqadin" I like his style on the oud, the guy have had a lot of practice.

I am glad to have discovered this video, I am all about good music and fresh lyricism.

Turab - Love Me. حبيني - تراب


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